Do you know?

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Do you know?

I received a digital calendar from The Health Science Academy* recently with some interesting facts on each month. I can’t help but to share them with my readers. Here it goes…

1. Exposure to cold temperatures can burn off 300 to 500 extra calories a day.

2. Your heart beats 100,000 times and pumps 23,000 liters of blood per day.

3. By standing up 3 hours a day you would burn an extra 30,000 calories a year.

4. 30 minutes of bright morning light reduces your weight gain risk by up to 20%

5. You may eat 549 calories extra if you miss only 80 minutes of sleep.

6. Your muscles are 79% water and even your bones are watery: 31%

7. Drinking 2 liters of water a day can raise your energy expenditure by 400 calories.

8. Eating 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day reduces your mortality risk by 42%

9. Music can increase endurance by 15% and lower your perceived effort rate by 12%

10. Interrupting prolonged sitting with brief 2-minute breaks decreases cancer risk.

11. Your moving muscles pump fresh oxygen in the brain and trigger feel-good chemicals.

12. Immersing yourself in deep reading 6 minutes a day can reduce stress by 68%

* The Health Science Academy is an education online training provider, which focuses on science-based courses, from Sports and Exercise Nutrition, to Clinical Weight Loss, to Advanced Supplements

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