Benefits of PraiseMoves

PraiseMoves offers a Christian ALTERNATIVE to yoga for those who enjoy the benefits of a great quality stretching, and strengthening postures and gentle movement.

“Any real, lasting change in people’s lives will come not from the perfect diet or exercise regimen, but from feeding on the Word of God and developing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.” – PraiseMoves® Founder, Laurette Willis

Below are some of the physical benefits of PraiseMoves:

  • Relieves stiffness and tension: reduces headaches, aches and pains.
  • Improve posture, co-ordination, flexibility, agility and balance.
  • Encourage a sound mind, restore your soul, and refresh your spirit.
  • Reduce mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fears
  • Improve digestive and immune function and increase vitality.
  • Minimize back pain, sciatica
  • Stretching is relaxing.  Stress is reduced.
  • Helps people with arthritis by reducing the pressure on joint cartilage, and spinal discs.
  • Combine the physical exercises with the transforming power of the Word of God

The Gift of Peace

Each posture (there are over 150) has a bible verse and biblical name that goes with it, eg, Prayer Warrior, Mount Zion, David’s Harp, The Vine, The Cross, etc. There are also 22 postures that beautifully mirror the pictographic language of the Hebrew Alphabet from Aleph to Tav.

What makes PraiseMoves classes different to other exercise class? The simple answer is God’s peace. The bible tells us that peace is a gift from God (John 14:27), an inner state of being which cannot be conjured up in our own strength, and is a fruit of being in relationship with Jesus (Gal 5:22). This is the kind of peace that remains present even in a crisis, not just felt in a quiet time.

Scripture doesn’t say ‘he will lead us beside waters and restore our souls for poetic effect, the Lord knows we need times to pace down and receive peace – not as the world gives – but from God’s spirit to our spirit, a spiritual infusion – which like a tea bag – the longer in the cup (of your heart and soul) the fuller the fragrance and flavour.

Healing Peace

In an age of modern medicine the gift of peace is a poorly understood but vital healer. Scripture often links health to peace, “Peace, peace, to him who is far off, and to him who is near”, says the Lord. “And I will heal him.” Isaiah 57:18.

I believe God’s peace is fundamental to healing of mind, body, emotions and spirit. This isn’t a given-for the Lord can, and thankfully does, overrule any man made observation or criteria as He wills. But we do know that up to 70% of diseases presented in a doctors surgery may have stress, fears, and anxieties at their roots, e.g, heart disease, respiratory disorders, digestive problems, immune disorders, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, sleep disorders, panic attacks, migraines, addictions to food, alcohol, drugs.

The Lord’s peace, together with the exercises and postural work, in a PraiseMoves class, will help to bring balance to your physical body, and soul, through positive effects in your nervous and hormone systems, and your biochemistery – such as, reducing inflammatory reactions, lowering blood pressure, calming the sympathetic nervous system, stabilishing adrenaline, and increasing oxytocin and serotonin levels – which are mood and sleep improvers.