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Transform your workouts into worship. Scripture Sequences are simple choreographed movements to passages from the Bible, linking together a variety of PraiseMoves postures. Get more grounded in the Word and get fit in spirit, soul AND body!

PraiseMoves Benefits

PraiseMoves offers an alternative to yoga. PraiseMoves incorporates full-body stretching. This helps reduce stress and tensions, leaving you feeling refreshed with increased vitality. Suitable for the beginners and advanced students.


Read the many great testimonies by the Medical Practitioners, Students and PraiseMoves Instructors from all of over the world who have benefitted from practicing and recommend PraiseMoves as an alternative to Yoga.

PraiseMoves Fitness Resources

Food For Thought

Practical Teaching on Fasting

Definition On Fasting Fasting is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. (Although there are biblical accounts of people fasting from food AND water, we will consider abstaining from food only.) People can fast together in a group fast, or individually. People can fast at a set time each week, or at special times as the

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Chrysanthemum Tea

The Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea After my discussion with friends regarding Chrysanthemum Flower Tea, I became curious about the properties found in this tea. My curiosity led me to trawl on the internet to read up information about this tea. Here is what I have found about the Chrysanthemum Tea through my reading. This article on The Benefits

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Diaphragmatic Breathing

I shared in my last few sessions a breathing technique called Diaphragmatic Breathing or Deep Breathing. Here are some of the benefits which I said I would share to all who attended the sessions.  By publishing on the web I thought many more would benefit from it. Scientists discovered what God already demonstrated in the beginning of

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Aspects of Obedience – Part 3

In this article, we will begin to study various aspects of obedience as we grow in our understanding of this highly important subject. As we progress, you will begin to see the provision that God has made to enable us to be obedient. Obedience Requires God’s Help When we go on to look at the

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Benefits of Obedience – Part 4

The benefits that come as a result of our obedience to God are numerous and overwhelming in their scope. Thus far we have considered the basics of obedience and key concepts related to obedience as well as learning some of the many aspects of obedience as revealed in Scripture. Many Christians seem to know obedience

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The Obedience Quartet – Part 2

In meditating on this subject of obedience, I came to realise that there are four concepts which flow to and from one another. As you consider one, it soon becomes clear that it causes or encourages each of the other three. Here are the first three: Love, Fear of God and Obedience which are found

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Homemade Supplement Recipes

These recipes are for people who are not eating enough for dietary intake. They should be made in a clean kitchen and stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. The recipes are for one serving unless indicate otherwise. They are best taken between meals. Milkshake Ingredients: 5 fl oz or 140 ml whole

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