Rita Hancock I heartily recommend PraiseMoves
“As a board-certified musculoskeletal sub-specialist physician in the area of spine and joint pain, and as a Christian physician, I heartily recommend Laurette Willis’ PraiseMoves for your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health!” – Rita Hancock M.D., Board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and in Pain Medicine, Author of The Eden Diet.

“I’ve really enjoyed Ronna’s PraiseMoves classes. I’ve only been doing PraiseMoves a few weeks but can really feel the benefit. The stretching and deep breathing are helping physically, but the most important difference to other types of exercise is the use of scripture. I always finish the class with a great sense of wellbeing and often want to continue to pray and have great times with God later that evening. I’m so thankful that Ronna has introduced me to it.
I feel upgade in my spiritual life. I really do feel like I am soaring like an eagle. I believe soaking in and meditating on God’s Word is having an effect of transformation on the inside. Changing us all from ‘glory to glory'”– Julie, Peterborough, UK

I have been going through quite a stressful period lately but last night after PrasieMoves I had a lovely restful sleep – Hayley, Peterborough, UK

Since doing PraiseMoves I have an increased awareness of using scriptures in challenging situation. Recently, I found myself using a scripture I meditated on during PraiseMoves to protect myself in a challenging situation at work instead of reacting to it. – Mrs O Wainsford, Peterborough, UK

During the first session of PraiseMoves I could feel the tension in my shoulder loosening up. At the end of the session I felt relaxed and I have been sleeping better. – Penny, Peterborough, UK

“If you ask any physician about exercise, they will tell you of the numerous benefits of it. But God Himself also has benefits to exercise, that you can do the COMPLETE Will of God in a way that brings glory to His name. I hope this word encourages you to run the race that God has for you in such a way that brings glory and honor to His name. While doing PraiseMoves think of it as – I can bring glory to His name and, also gain insight of God’s glory by doing so! I recommend PraiseMoves to help you in preparing your body in such a way to do His will in your life in a completely healthy way -body, soul, and spirit! May the Lord Jesus bless you in good health.”- Pastor Dale Sochia, King Jesus Ministries Luling, Louisiana

Brandy Guidry Gendusa“I felt a calling to PraiseMoves when searching for a Christian alternative to yoga for back problems. I have personally experienced several physical benefits since I’ve started doing PraiseMoves. These include better posture, flexibility, and strength, and I have learned breathing technique that I can use in my everyday life to relax and release stress and tension. Even more important than the physical benefits, however, are the spiritual benefits that have come from God through this class. I have an increased awareness of God’s presence in my life! I would love for you to join us and experience this relaxing, uplifting, and Christ-centered class where you can experience not only physical benefits, but grow spiritually as well.” – Brandy Guidry Gendusa, Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, New Orleans, USA

Ray Marshall portraitChiropractor says, “Yoga creates misalignments” But PraiseMoves does not!
Some of the worse spinal misalignments we have seen in 14 years of practice we found presents in the spine of people who make a practice yoga. Instead, we recommend PraiseMoves to our patients – Dr Ray Marshall, Marshall Spine Care Tulsa,  OK & Branson, MO

PraiseMoves classes are fun and informative, seeing Food, Faith, Fitness and Fasting from a spiritually minded manner. Whether you are just looking at faith and fitness, or well on the journey, I encourage you to give PraiseMoves classes a try”. - Heidi Acland, Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, HNC Dance Movement Studies, 13 years Nutritional Therapist, 27 years Remedial Masseur